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Logistics Interface

Jungheinrich Logistics Interface



Asset Logistik-Interface warehouseNAVIGATION Assistance system_[MAM-51795]


The warehouseNavigation of the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface enables a semi-automatic drive to the desired storage locations in your narrow-aisle warehouse - optimised in terms of route, time and energy. Feedback to the host system is carried out automatically, and incorrect storage or retrieval is completely avoided. With the help of warehouseNavigation of the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface, your employees can fully concentrate on operating the truck. The extensive support of warehouseNavigation also reduces the training effort for new employees and allows them to operate your trucks efficiently after a very short time.

Asset Logistik_Interface liftNAVIGATION Assistance System_[MAM-53114]


The liftNavigation supports your employees when storing and retrieving goods with Jungheinrich reach trucks. The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface ensures simple transmission of the lift height preselection from your host or warehouse management system to the truck control of the reach truck.
Thanks to the liftNavigation, it is ensured that the correct height is approached semi-automatically at the desired storage location. For your employees, this means more efficient handling of hard-to-reach goods at great heights with noticeably improved ergonomics and work safety for all employees in your warehouse.

Asset Logistik Interface Lift-Racking System LRK Look2017 _ Regalgesamtprogramm_[MAM-45209]

Logistics Interface for LRK/ PRK

By using lift and paternoster racking, you need up to 85% less space to store your goods. The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface connects the LRK or PRK to your host system or manages the warehouse system completely autonomously, making it possible to manage logistics processes and stocks in the LRK/PRK as efficiently in an intelligent overall system.

Asset Logistik Interface Mobile racking pallet_[MAM-45212]

Logistics Interface for mobile racks

Manually opening and closing rows of mobile racks can be time-consuming and inconvenient. The Jungheinrich Logistics Interface takes care of the complete communication and management between your host system and the racking control to make the handling of goods in mobile racking even more efficient. The direct connection ensures that the correct aisle is opened even before your employee arrives at the racking.

Asset Logistik Interface EKS215a, Look2017_[MAM-39604]

Logistics Interface for automated guided vehicles

Maximise the efficiency of your AGV fleet and automate transports between locations reliably. The Logistics Interface takes care of the communication between your ERP system or WMS and the AGV or independently ensures a smooth and intelligent execution of the transports. A user-friendly control-interface and flexible expansion options make the system a future-proof solution for use in your automated warehouse.

Asset Logistik Interface UPC shuttle system, Shuttle channel racking, Racking System, Regalgesamtprogramm_[MAM-45196]

Logistics Interface for further assistance systems

In addition to the systems and warehouse equipment already mentioned, the Jungheinrich Logistics Interface can intelligently connect a wide range of other warehouse equipment.
For example, the Jungheinrich UPC (Under Pallet Carrier) can be connected for efficient storage in channel warehouses or the easyPilot with driveNavigation for improved order picking.

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